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Dining at Rundegg

Castel Rundegg creates a taste of South Tyrol
that will astonish you with its diversity.

South Tyrol has a rich culinary background that combines a unique world of the mountains and the warmth of the Mediterranean. The slopes are home to vineyards and fruit orchards and the land is rich with niche farming and breeding of some special breeds of cattle or chicken. Therefore we dedicated our culinary well-being to niche ingredients which are the red line of our menu.

Always something special.

To be sure of the origin of our ingredients, we collaborate with our local farmers where we can visit them and see how is done. Only the highest quality with an ecological background speaks to us. The origin of the food adds a character to the taste, and we want to speak the story of our local place. That makes us unique and that is our invitation to you to visit and taste our culinary story.





Historically inspired dining room

Dinner at Rundegg is a unique experience...
A special atmosphere is created every evening.
Just for you.


Enjoy with all your senses

But not just the food we know but also the ambience makes the difference. Spring and summer are especially magic times at Castel Rundegg, as dinners become an experience for all senses. Almost a mindful retreat on its own on the terrace of our garden.

Food is a wonderful way to bring us into the sensory awareness. In our garden, we have created an atmosphere that will slow you down and let you eat mindfully. It's all a part of the culinary journey...

Whenever you dine at Castel Rundegg, it will be an experience for all the senses. That's a promise!

Spring & Summer in our garden...

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