Beauty treatments

Relaxing rest. Time to cuddle and enjoy. A well-being that flows through body and soul. Your stay with us should offer you everything you could wish for. In addition to the sauna and pool, our spa also offers a variety of beauty and spa treatments. Discover the stylish oasis of well-being in Castel Rundegg and enjoy your personal pampering program.

<p><strong>Beauty</strong> treatments</p>


Warmth, sweet scents and pleasant silence: those who appreciate swimming will love our bath treatments. Combined with precious oils and nourishing essences, the soothing power of the water ensures that you can completely relax, deeply relax and recharge your batteries.


Selected bath products, gentle whirlpools and gentle pressure make a bath in the hydromassage tub a special treat. You choose between:

  • Detox bath with Himalayan salt and ginger - highly stimulating and detoxifying
  • Slimming bath with salt and algae - detoxifying and firming
  • Jeunesse bath with rice starch - velvety-soft
  • Aroma bath of your choice with hay essence, rock oil, rose extract - wonderfully fragrant and relaxing
€ 39,00
20 Min.


Revitalizing steam bath, against general tiredness; cleansing and detoxifying e.g. in cellulitis.

€ 39,00
20 Min.


Cold and warm contrast bath for arms and feet according to Kneipp:
it promotes the blood circulation, regulates body temperature, acts anti-inflammatory, remedies insomnia and calms the nervous system.


€ 39,00
20 Min.

Detox footbath

This form of hydrotherapy focuses on the feet and ensures well-being and relaxation from head to toe. The bath detoxifies and strengthens the body's defenses.

€ 39,00
20 Min.

Rasul-Hamam for two

Oriental peeling and Vichy shower, packing in the steam bath, soft massage and relax with a glass of Champagne and fruits.

€ 169,00
120 Min.

Rasul-Hamam for one person

On request, you can enjoy the hammam bathing ritual on your own.

€ 100,00
90 Min.

Mountain Spirit-Spa

Relaxing steam bath with Swiss stone pine scales. Enwrapped in sheep wool and lying on a Swiss stone pine pillow this treatment will create a holistic, relaxing and soothing well-being.

€ 49,00
20 Minuten


Softpack: this packing on the water bad allows to salt, alga or herbs to react directly on the body and to unfold a beneficial impact.

€ 49,00
20 Min.

Body treatments

A scrub that cleanses pleasantly. Gentle yet effective treatments that purify, stimulate and strengthen. High-quality creams and care products that make your skin soft and supple. Our body treatments are as varied as your needs and give you a very special feeling of well-being.

Formostar - Heat treatment against stomach corpulence  

Promote a positive body feeling through heat: Deep heat treatments relieve tension and strengthen the body's defenses. In addition, they have a positive effect on circulation and metabolism and help to reduce problem areas for a long time

€ 35,00
45 Min.

Presso therapy           

This mechanical treatment has a stimulating effect and activates the circulation. Congestion, pollutants and water retention dissolve, tissues, lymph vessels and veins get reinforced.

€ 35,00
20 Min.

Coffee Scrub Philip Martin‘s

Stimulating and toning body scrub
Thanks to this peeling with ground coffee beans, the skin is wonderfully velvety and elastic. It supports cell renewal, protects against premature aging and stimulates blood circulation.

€ 90,00
50 Min.

AQA Philip Martin‘s

Draining Treatment
Lightness and well-being are the result of this detoxifying treatment. It promotes lymphatic and venous circulation and strengthens the vessel walls. A special fango mixture reduces swelling and heaviness in the legs.

€ 109,00
55 Min.

ETNA Philip Martin‘s

Stimulating Treatment
A light fruit acid peeling and thermo-active products are the key ingredients of this reducing application. It has a strong circulating and stimulating effect, causing local redness -
a normal, wanted and health effect.

€ 109,00
55 Min.

ARIA Philip Martin‘s

Detox Treatment
The detox treatment begins with a cleansing peeling that stimulates cell renewal; the subsequent clay pack frees of toxins. Since ARIA Philip Martin`s prepares the skin perfectly for further applications, we recommend it as a prelude to your well-being stay in our spa. The treatment is also suitable for expectant mothers.

€ 109,00
55 Min.

Face treatments Philip Martin‘s

We want to make you shine. That's why our spa offers a range of facials that are perfectly tailored to your skin's needs. In doing so, we often use the natural quality products from Philip Martin's, which are not only deep-rooted, but completely pampered.

Pure System

For impure and combination skin, we recommend a facial treatment that cleanses the pores without irritation. The special care has an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect and ensures pure, persistently matted skin.

€ 109,00
55 Min.

Hydra System

Dry and sensitive skin requires careful but careful care. The intensive moisturizing treatment protects your skin sustainably and gives it new radiance.

€ 109,00
55 Min.

C System

Wind, weather and other daily environmental influences encumber our skin.
For stressed and dull skin, a facial treatment with vitamin C stimulates collagen production, revitalizing and brightening.


€ 109,00
55 Min.

Remedy Components

Through silk proteins and algae, this application gives your skin a lot of moisture and resilience. The first signs of skin aging and small wrinkles are visibly smoothed, so that the skin appears fresh and evenly.

€ 109,00
55 Min.

Caviar Elements

The anabolic anti-age treatment with caviar complex is characterized by its strong antioxidant effect. Because caviar stimulates cell renewal and provides intensive moisture - for a radiant, remarkably smooth skin.

€ 140,00
75 Min.


Energy and heat. Harmony and romance. Balance and regeneration. Massages work wonders. Whether alone or as a couple, after exercise or bath, for pure relaxation or to relieve painful tension - our professional massage team will find exactly the application you need now.

Classic massage

Intensive strokes with classic massage oils specifically release tension throughout the body. You feel relaxed from head to toe, re-energized and your muscles are relaxed and powerful.

€ 69,00
50 Min.


Taking time for each other and sharing moments full of happiness and harmony: Together with the dearest person, a pampering massage is twice as beneficial. Side by side, enjoy a break for two - with gentle massage movements, fine aromatic oils and soft music.

€ 129,00
50 Min.

Partly massage

Specially adapted to you and your needs, skillful massage strokes even achieve deep-seated tension. Painful backs, shoulders or a stiff neck are loosened, creating a sense of lightness.

€ 40,00
25 Min.


Japanese method of body therapy that stimulates and harmonizes the energy flow through soft and deep pressure.


€ 89,00
50 Min.

Bioenergetic massage

As a holistic application of traditional Chinese medicine, the bioenergetic massage affects the body, mind and soul. It restores the natural flow of energy in the body, provides a strong immune system and inner peace.

€ 69,00
50 Min.


Special massaging strokes on the soles of the feet for weak points in the organism and specifically stimulate organs, the lymphatic and nervous systems. In this way blockages disappear, the blood circulation improves and the whole body gets new energy.

€ 69,00
50 Min.

Candle Light Massage Philip Martin’s

A pampering ritual of a special kind that gives you pure relaxation and velvety skin. The massage with warm, natural oils and body butter envelops you with a wonderful scent and gives you a cozy feeling of warmth. In addition, the heat ensures that the beneficial essences are better absorbed through the skin and thus develop their full effect.

€ 89,00
50 Min.

Hot Stone Massage

Warmth and wellbeing for body and soul: during a hot stone massage, pleasantly warm lava stones transfer all their power to the body. They warm it gently, make tension disappear in no time and promote blood circulation. The self-healing powers are activated and you experience a state of complete relaxation, which lingers for a long time.

€ 95,00
75 Min.

Cosmetic treatments

Natural beauty and a well-groomed appearance have a positive effect on our health and energy. Often, a little bit of attention, a little feel-good program, makes the skin silky soft, the hands tender and the feet light and supple again. Do something good - body and mind will thank you.


Manicure €40,00 60 minutes

Manicure with nail polish €45,00 60 minutes

Manicure Deluxe (peeling, packing, massage)
without nail polish €88,00 90 minutes

*nail polish + €5,00/+ € 25,00 permanent nail polish

Pedicure €50,00 60 minutes

Pedicure with nail polish €55,00 60 minutes

Pedicure Deluxe (peeling, packing, massage)
without nail polish* €98,00 90 minutes

*nail polish + €5,00/+ € 35,00 permanent nail polish

Only nail polish €15,00 15 minutes

Eyelash coloration €25,00 30 minutes

Eyebrow coloration €15,00 15 minutes

Eyebrow correction €15,00 15 minutes

Eyelash + eyebrow coloration €35,00 30 minutes



upper lips €12,00 15 minutes

whole leg €50,00 60 minutes

whole leg+armpit €55,00 60 minutes

half leg €35,00 30 minutes

half leg+gib or armpit €40,00 30 minutes

half leg+gib+ armpit €50,00 45 minutes

gib+ armpit €30,00 30 minutes

gib or armpit €18,00 15 minutes

chest or back €30,00 30 minutes

chest + back €50,00 60 minutes

arms €30,00 30 minutes

SPA bookings

In order to be able to plan your desired appointments in our Beauty Spa, we recommend that you inform us of these in good time. We will be happy to take your reservation on +39 0473 270 705 or by e-mail to

We make every effort to start all treatments on time. Therefore we ask you to come to the spa at the agreed time. In case of delays, the treatment time will be shortened, a reduction of the tariff is not envisaged. If you are unable to take a booked appointment, we ask you to inform us up to 24 hours in advance. Treatments cancelled at short notice will be charged in full.