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The ancient Romans already knew how beneficial, pain-relieving, detoxifying and health-promoting mud is.

It goes without saying that we also offer treatments with the highest quality natural fango at Rundegg Spa!

Draining treatment

Lightness and well-being are the results of this de- congestive body treatment. It promotes lymphatic and venous circulation and strengthens the vascu- lar walls. A special mud mixture reduces swelling and a feeling of heaviness in the legs.

25 minutes - € 45,00

Stimulating treatment

This treatment has a strong stimulating and circulatory effect, which reduces local redness a normal, desirable and healthy effect.

25 minutes - € 45,00

Anti Age

Cell renewal is stimulated, blood circulation is enhanced. An all-round treatment for tired and sagging skin.

25 minutes - € 45,00

Moisturising treatment

Your skin is moisturised, the cell structure is filled with minerals and your skin glows again.

25 minutes - € 45,00