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Can you feel it already? Warm essential oils exude their soothing fragrance and penetrate deep into the skin tissue.

The gentle pressure releases all your tensions and a sensational feeling of well-being flows through your body.


The massages at Castel Rundegg are an absolute highlight that you should definitely not miss. Of course, our experienced spa staff will be happy to advise you on the right choice of massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Warmth and wellbeing for body and soul: during a hot stone massage, pleasantly warm lava stones transfer all their power to the body. They warm it gently, make tension disappear in no time and promote blood circulation. The self-healing powers are activated and you experience a state of complete relaxation, which lingers for a long time.

50 minutes - € 89,00

Candle Light Massage

A pampering ritual of a special kind that gives you pure relaxation and velvety skin. The massage with warm, natural oils and body butter envelops you with a wonderful scent and gives you a cozy feeling of warmth. In addition, the heat ensures that the beneficial essences are better absorbed through the skin and thus develop their full effect.

80 minutes - € 95,00

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Fine, profound bodywork with a holistic and specific effect. It activates the natural self-healing powers and balances tensions.

50 minutes - € 89,00


Japanese method of body therapy that stimulates and harmonizes the energy flow through soft and deep pressure.

50 minutes - € 89,00

Scented massage with essential oils

Indulge your senses with the scent of essential oils. The gentle full-body massage provides you with new energy and strengthens your inner self.

50 minutes - € 89,00

bioenergetic massage

The bioenergetic massage affects the body, mind and soul. It restores the natural flow of energy in the body, provides a strong immune system and inner peace.

50 minutes - € 69,00

Reflexology massage

Special massaging strokes on the soles of the feet for weak points in the organism and specifically stimulate organs, the lymphatic and nervous systems. In this way blockages disappear, the blood circulation improves and the whole body gets new energy.

50 minutes - € 69,00

Couple massage

Taking time for each other and sharing moments full of happiness and harmony: Together with the dearest person, a pampering massage is twice as beneficial. Side by side, enjoy a break for two - with gentle massage movements, fine aromatic oils and soft music.

50 minutes - € 129,00

Classic massage

Intensive strokes with classic massage oils specifically release tension throughout the body. You feel relaxed from head to toe, re-energized and your muscles are relaxed and powerful.

50 minutes - € 69,00

Partial massage

Specially adapted to you and your needs, skillful massage strokes even achieve deep-seated tension. Painful backs, shoulders or a stiff neck are loosened, creating a sense of lightness.

25 minutes - € 40,00