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Dream. Feel new strength flowing through your body and feel more alive than you have in a long time: that is the Rundegg spa feeling!

Let us pamper you from head to toe - with an exclusive body treatment and high-quality care products from our own cosmetics line.

Coffee Scrub: stimulating and toning

Thanks to this peeling with ground coffee beans, the skin is wonderfully velvety and elastic. During this gentle yet effective treatment, the natural peeling grains are applied to the entire body and lightly massaged. In this way, the peeling supports cell renewal, protects against premature skin ageing and stimulates blood circulation.

50 minutes - € 90,00


Deep heat treatments relieve tension and strengthen the body's defenses. In addition, they have a positive effect on circulation and metabolism and help to reduce problem areas for a long time.

30 minutes - € 35,00

Presso therapy

This mechanical treatment has a stimulating effect and activates the circulation. Congestion, pollutants and water retention dissolve, tissues, lymph vessels and veins get reinforced.

20 minutes - € 35,00


The "soft pack" system allows sea salt, algae or herbs to act directly on the body to fully develop their beneficial effects. A cloth soaked in essences envelops you and thus helps to increase the effect.

20 minutes - € 49,00