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Relaxing, refreshing, invigorating... A bath is simply a blessing for body, mind and soul!

South Tyrolean alpine hay bath

Relaxing steam bath with organic hay from the Passeir mountain pastures. Lie on a bed of warm hay and dream. For a holistic well-being that relaxes and soothes.

25 minutes - € 49,00

Kneipp bath

Cold and warm contrast bath for arms and feet according to Kneipp: it promotes the blood circulation, regulates body temperature, acts anti- inflammatory, remedies insomnia and calms the nervous system.

20 minutes - € 29,00

Detox footbath

This form of hydrotherapy focuses on the feet and ensures well-being and relaxation from head to toe. 'The bath detoxifies and strengthens the body's defenses.

20 minutes - € 39,00

Hydro bath

Selected bath products, gentle whirlpools and gentle pressure make a bath in the hydromassage tub a special treat.

You choose between:

  • Detox bath with Himalayan salt and ginger - highly stimulating and detoxifying
  • Slimming bath with salt and algae - detoxifying and firming
  • Jeunesse bath with rice starch - velvety-soft
  • Aroma bath of your choice with hay essence, rock oil, rose extract - wonderfully fragrant and relaxing

20 minutes - € 39,00


Through extensive but gentle sweating and a soothing massage by the finest water jets, the Panthermal treatment has a purifying, toning and revitalising effect. The pores open up and the circulation is stimulated, leaving you feeling fresh and refreshed.

25 minutes - € 40,00