Merano, a city with numerous facets

The city of Merano offers year-round event highlights in the sign of culture, tradition and enjoyment. The Merano Flower Festival in spring, the long shopping evenings and live music events in summer, the famous Grape Festival in autumn and the famous Merano Christmas markets are just a few examples of the special events in the Mediterranean Alpine city.

<p>Merano, a city with numerous facets</p>

Merano Flower Festival

There are always many reasons to be amazed by Merano. In the spring, the city blossoms and shows itself from its most beautiful side. During this time of the year the Merano Flower Festival is on stage: an exhibition of flowers and ornamental plants where Italian and foreign nursery excellences find their place. The rich supporting program includes courses and workshops dedicated to children and adults, conversations with experts and artistic-floral expressions, involving the towns of Naturns, Algund and Schenna.

Merano Music Weeks

The Merano Music Weeks is another summer event in August and September, which attracts internationally renowned artists and musicians – this very special combination of classical and modern music, nature and lifestyle is not to be missed!

Winefestival at Merano

The Italian most exclusive wine& food event.



The Merano Grape Festival

The South Tyrolean traditions interpreted with style and enriched by many novelties: it is the Merano Grape Festival. Dating back to 1886, it is the most rooted event in the social life of Merano.

The tasty South Tyrolean specialties, the good wine, the typical music in the city center (partly also with "experimental" interpretations): these are the identity features of the event. The culmination of the three days is the Sunday procession of musical bands and floats.