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Stroll through the idyllic, medieval alleys of Merano, admire magnificent Art Nouveau buildings two streets away and live the modern lifestyle at the same time...

A holiday in Merano is so colourful and versatile, so varied, invigorating, exciting, beneficial, so... happy! And the Castel Rundegg is the ideal holiday home for all those who are looking for something special away from the hustle and bustle and yet right in the middle of the action.

Pleasure & lifestyle or rather sport and action? Everything is possible!

Because on holiday in Merano you don't have to do without anything, really nothing! Hiking and biking at all altitudes and levels of difficulty, attending top-class musical performances and cultural events, strolling through the alleys and letting yourself be swept away by the charm of the historic town on the River Passer, relaxing with a cappuccino or an aperitif, immersing yourself in Merano's eventful history in one of the museums and experiencing contemporary history up close, letting yourself be seduced by the excellent cuisine... whatever you feel like doing, Merano offers it! Read on and get some ideas for your holiday planning with us in the Rundegg!

Sightseeing in Merano

The Merano Kurhaus, the medieval arcades, the botanical gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle and the Merano Thermal Baths are among Merano's most famous sights. But beyond that, there is so much more to discover! Click through, we have put together some of the most interesting ones for you.

Merano's multifaceted cultural programme

The calendar of events in Merano and the surrounding area is full to bursting with countless events for every taste: concerts in all musical genres, theatre performances, gourmet events, workshops, exhibitions, guided hikes, tastings of all kinds... Whatever interests you, the Merano region offers it. Take a look at the events and find the best for you.

High up to conquer the summit or would you rather take a leisurely stroll?

Anyone who has ever been to Merano knows: the mountain world is overwhelming! And the best thing is: you don't have to be an experienced professional hiker to enjoy nature and the mountains to the full. Because on the one hand, the countless panoramic paths and spa promenades with the varied vegetation, the various art installations and viewpoints as well as rest areas are an absolute highlight and easily manageable even for casual hikers. And on the other hand, the various cable cars and public transport take you high up into the mountains, from where again leisurely hiking trails start. Of course, a stop at one of the idyllic alpine huts is not to be missed! If you prefer a more challenging hike, the Merano mountains are of course also the right place for you! The best thing is to talk to us on the spot, we have lots of tips in store for you!

Mountain biking, road cycling or pleasure cycling - with the classic bike or the e-bike

In Merano, every type of biker is guaranteed to get their money's worth! The network of cycle paths is extremely well developed, specially designated mountain bike routes guarantee absolute riding fun and the necessary safety for bikers and hikers, and the mountain and pass roads are a well-known Eldorado for racing bike riders. If you want to cycle off the beaten track and experience something special, it's best to book a bike guide. Talk to us, we will be happy to advise you here at Castel Rundegg.

Curious facts about Merano: Labers Castle was the logistical centre of the largest counterfeit money operation in history: from here, an SS commando distributed counterfeit English pound notes all over the world to fuel inflation in England and bring the local economy to its knees.

Shopping in Merano

Shop for the latest Italian fashions, sample delicacies, pick up artisan products as souvenirs for loved ones back home.... a shopping trip through Merano is a very special experience!