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Imagine sitting at a finely laid table in the palace garden, listening to the concert of the birds and taking in the colourful splendour of the magnificent garden...

Is there a more beautiful setting for a stylish dinner on a balmy summer evening? Hardly! Whereby... the elegant, historically inspired dining room is in no way inferior... Wherever you dine at Castel Rundegg, it will be an experience for all the senses. That's a promise!

Always in search of the special

South Tyrol has so much to offer! There is virtually no mass production here. Especially in recent years, many farmers and producers have specialised in very special niche products. For example, the cultivation of almost forgotten types of fruit and vegetables or the keeping of special breeds of cattle or chicken. It is precisely with such farmers that we predominantly work. Because only the best is good enough for our guests! Not only the quality and taste of these products are unique, but also arguments regarding sustainability, regionality and the promotion of local agriculture speak for cooperation with local farms.