Classical massages

Length: 55 minutes Price: 80,00 €
chinese method that works on meridian and ago-puncture points regulating the body
energy circulation with a relaxing effect, reinforces the immune system, the mobility
of the articulation and tones the tissues.
Length: 55 minutes Price: 80,00 €
Japanese method of digit-pressure that helps to relax removing all muscular tensions
Length: 55 minutes Price: 80,00 €
A full body massage that helps to improve blood circulation to tone up the connective tissues and for a relaxation of the muscles.
Length: 55 minutes Price: 80,00 €
With the manual lymphodrainage the blood and lymphcirculation is adequately improved trought special movements so called "pumping"
Length: 55 minutes Price: 80,00 €
Foot Massage that helps re-equilibrate the blood circulation to be able to reduce tensions and improve interval organ functions. 
Length: 55 minutes Price: 80,00 €
Relaxing massage stimulating the metabolism using essential oils
Length: 30 minutes Price: 50,00 €
Intensive massage on specific parts of the body
Length: 20 minutes Price: 22,50 €
3 sessions Euro 60,00

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