Beauty treatments

Length: 55 minutes Price: 80,00 €
Deep cleansing of the skin with masque and massage.
After this treatment we advice other specific facials for any
type of problems.
Length: 55 minutes Price: 80,00 €
To obtain a full immersion of deep moisturize a special masque
with pure collagen and jaluronic acid is used.
Length: 55 minutes Price: 80,00 €
Specific regenerating and tonifying treatment of the breast working on
the entire chest trough the stimulation of the energetic points with excellent
Length: 45 minutes Price: 55,00 €
To be able to have a better absorption of the products used
it is recommended a cleansing of the body with a scrub followed
by a moisturising and nourishing cream.
Length: 45 minutes Price: 55,00 €
Cellulite wrap is a specific treatment using essential oils
with draining and tonifying properties.

Heavy legs wrap is a specific treatment with "cold" effects that gives
a sensation of freshness and lightens swallen legs.
Full leg-wax
Price: 50,00 €
Partial leg-wax
Price: 28,00 €
Under-arm depilation
Price: 14,50 €
Inguinal depilation
Price: 14,50 €
Manicure with treatment
Price: 30,00 €
Pedicure with treatment
Price: 53,50 €
Lashes and eyebrow dyeing
Price: 15,00 €

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