Baths & body treatments

Price: 48,00 €

which gives new energy and elasticity to the skin. Recommended for sensitive skin.


Price: 48,00 €

Regenerates and purifies the skin, slowing down the ageing-process and stimulating the circulation of the blood.


Price: 48,00 €

which promotes weight loss and treats cellulitis by stimulating catharsis, and toning the skin.

Price: 48,00 €

recommended in the treatment of rheuma-arthrosis and psoriasis as the salts strengthen the cutaneous veins and stimulate diuresis

Price: 40,00 €
Hot and cold treatment increases the circulation, regulates body temperature, reduces inflammation, regulates sleeping problems and calms the nervous system.
Price: 60,00 €


Manual underwater massage: tones, stimulates the circulation soothing tired legs, increasing the diuresis, working on edema.

Price: 60,00 €

Allows through four stages (supply of ionised steam, molecular oxygen, nebulized shower and filiform shower) a deintoxicating, anti-cellulite treatment.

Price: 30,00 €
deep heat treatment by localised fat deposit
 (3 sessions are recommended)  
Price: 30,00 €
 To treat varicous veins and peripheric lymphatism
Price: 55,00 €
Hot and cold treatment increases the circulation, regulates body temperature, reducing inflammation.
Price: 80,00 €

A traditional ambience of humidity rich of perfumes, in a most quiet and relaxing surroundings for an ancient purifying ritual.

(Turkish bath + oriental peeling + aromatherapy)

single 80,00 €

for couple 110,00 €


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